Boris Update - Alpha v1.1

It's been a little while, but I'm back with a new update for Boris. Here's a quick breakdown of some new stuff.

Under the Hood:

  • Scripts are managed more intelligently now. Seems to have stabilised the frame rate some what.
  • Changed the way mobs are managed allowing for more flexibility and variation in enemies.

In Game:

  • New enemy! Little wasp like things that fly in your face and explode :)
  • Original enemies carry less silly guns
  • Messed around with weapon damage. Will hopefully make things more challenging.
  • Blunderbuss buffed quite a bit. Not entirely useless anymore.
  • Added a few new floors for the generator.


  • Added a bunch of new functionality including scrolling lists and self refreshing forms.
  • Can now save local scores to a leaderboard.
  • Text Input

Posted on 2013 Dec 30 by Jack
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