Boris Alpha Is Here

I have finally decided to show the world my brainchild. I must admit this is a bit of an emotional time for me, only close friends have known about him so far and now I've got to send him off into the wild without his daddy.

He's not finished so be kind to the poor fella. Anyway without further ado I present to you Boris!

Screenshot of Boris alone.

He's a hard working chap, he works in a busy office block and there is nothing he hates more than an uncooperative work force. Unfortunately a space fleet from the alien planet of Jobswerth have taken the offices over night. Help Boris battle his way up as high as he can in one life and set a score based on total height and total aliens popped.

Screenshot of Boris Fighting Jobswerths.

This is an alpha demo so I reiterate that this is in no way finished. Expect the game to crash every now and then, but otherwise enjoy the show.

There is a launcher that will keep the game up to date for you. Dowload it [ here ] All the latest Boris news will show on the launcher also.

Posted on 2013 Jul 31 by Jack
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