Boris Update - Alpha v1.1

It's been a little while, but I'm back with a new update for Boris. Here's a quick breakdown of some new stuff.

Under the Hood:

  • Scripts are managed more intelligently now. Seems to have stabilised the frame rate some what.
  • Changed the way mobs are managed allowing for more flexibility and variation in enemies.

In Game:

  • New enemy! Little wasp like things that fly in your face and explode :)
  • Original enemies carry less silly guns
  • Messed around with weapon damage. Will hopefully make things more challenging.
  • Blunderbuss buffed quite a bit. Not entirely useless anymore.
  • Added a few new floors for the generator.


  • Added a bunch of new functionality including scrolling lists and self refreshing forms.
  • Can now save local scores to a leaderboard.
  • Text Input

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Posted on 2013 Dec 30 by Jack

EZKonvert's Brand New Look

[Graphic] Ezkonvert icon on green background. [Text] Ezkonvert, Measurements made easy.

Its been quite a while since EZKonvert has had some attention. Since its release in early 2011 Ezkonvert has remained largely the same, the exception being a recent change to the interface. While this was quite a fundamental change it still retained the old dark theme from the Froyo era, which was fine on release, but now it just seems clunky in comparison to todays sleek new offerings. I decided enough was enough. I needed to keep pace with the rapidly changing design guidelines. I needed to bring measurement conversion wizardry to the phones of tomorrow.


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Posted on 2013 Aug 28 by Jack

Launcher Patch - Alpha v1.01

This is a minor patch to the launcher, featuring a couple of fixes

  • Fixed major problem with downloading and running the game on windows machines.
  • Fixed newsfeed not resizing to fit window.

You will have to manually re-download the launcher from the website to receive this patch.

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Posted on 2013 Aug 04 by Jack

Boris Update - Alpha v1.01

Bug Fix

  • Fixed Level not reseting after death.

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Posted on 2013 Aug 03 by Jack

Boris Alpha Is Here

I have finally decided to show the world my brainchild. I must admit this is a bit of an emotional time for me, only close friends have known about him so far and now I've got to send him off into the wild without his daddy.

He's not finished so be kind to the poor fella. Anyway without further ado I present to you Boris!

Screenshot of Boris alone.

Download him by clicking [ here ] or press read more to get all the info.

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Posted on 2013 Jul 31 by Jack
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